Young Aussie Investors Risk-Averse, Yet 31% Hold Crypto – ASX Survey

• 31% of young australian investors have invested or traded cryptocurrency despite being “risk averse”
• 25-49 year olds own the most crypto, with 69% of total investment in digital assets
• Investment trends study found that the median holding of cryptocurrency for “next generation” investors stands at $2,700

Young Aussies Investing in Crypto Despite Being Risk Averse

A new study from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has revealed that despite young Australians seeing themselves as more risk averse than their older counterparts, nearly a third of all young Australian investors hold or have traded cryptocurrencies over the last year.

Attitude Towards Investment Risk by Age Group

The ASX report found that 46% of “next generation investors” — those aged 18 to 24 — described themselves as preferring “stable returns.” Nevertheless, 31% reported investing substantially in crypto.

Crypto Popular Among Tech-Savvy Investors

Researchers suggested that younger people were drawn to crypto due to wanting to do things differently from their parents combined with many new investors being tech-savvy and connected to social media. The median holding of cryptocurrency for these “next generation” investors stands at $2,700, representing a 6% weight in their total portfolio.

Wealth Accumulators Own Most Crypto Overall

Despite the higher relative allocations among younger people, it was the 25-49 year old “wealth accumulators” who owned the most cryptocurrency overall – accounting for 69% of total investment. Those aged 50+ accounted for just 19%.

Crypto an Uncertain Mainstream Asset Class

The ASX report approached cryptocurrencies with caution – noting that it is still up for debate whether they can become fully accepted in mainstream investing given their volatility. However, 29% of all intending investors are considering investing into cryptocurrencies

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