Social Network MeWe to Integrate with Polkadot Parachain, Empowering Users

• MeWe, a social network with 20 million users, has announced that it will integrate with the Frequency blockchain network, a Polkadot parachain.
• The integration between MeWe and Frequency is based on the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), which was created by Project Liberty.
• At a panel discussion at Consensus 2023, MeWe CEO Jeffrey Edell stated that this move will allow MeWe to make a permanent commitment to data ownership for its users.

MeWe Social Network to Integrate With Polkadot Parachain

Social networking app MeWe has announced that it will be integrating its 20 million users with Frequency blockchain network, a parachain of Polkadot. The integration is based on DSNP protocol created by Project Liberty. This move will give each user full control over their own data and create a permanent commitment to privacy for them.

Background Information

MeWe was launched in 2012 as an alternative social media platform offering better privacy protections than other networks such as Facebook. It currently has over 20 million users and plans to begin moving them over to the new network during this quarter. Frequency launched as a Polkadot parachain in November 2021 while Amplica Labs provided technical contributions to the project.

Consensus 2023 Panel Discussion

At the Consensus 2023 panel discussion titled “Laying Web3’s Foundation With Decentralized Social Networks and Data Rights”, MeWe CEO Jeffrey Edell stated that although companies may promise privacy protection, it can be lost if they get acquired by bigger companies with different goals. He added that since MeWe never surveilled or amplified bad news or misinformation, it is well-suited for transitioning into Web3 world.

Project Liberty Contribution

The integration between these two networks is built on DSNP protocol created by Frank McCourt’s Project Liberty which allocated $100 million towards developing this technology in June 2021. Woodham also pointed out at the panel discussion how blockchain technology doubles down on privacy allowing users full control over their own data without relying solely on companies’ promises of protecting their information.


This move will revolutionize digital identities and offer more secure ways of managing user profiles online while giving them true ownership of their data no matter what happens between companies or platforms they use online in future years

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